Payment Methods
Here follows more information on the above mentioned payment methods:
Credit Cards: Visa and Mastercard
Major credit cards are accepted, as are a large number of debit cards. Please note that we do not accept cards without a CVV number or expiry date. All cards (whether debit, cheque or otherwise) must have a CVV and valid expiry date.
We do not accept Visa Electron, Maestro, American Express or Diners Club cards.
Should your credit card be declined for any reason, please note that we do not recommend you attempt to pay more than 3 times in one calendar day. Credit card issuers are known to suspend the use of a card for a certain period of time if over-use is detected.
Note: when using the PlayCredit Purchase method, a minimum of 10 GBP, 10 EUR and 10 USD applies. Also note that payment using credit card can be made at time of checkout.
If you should experience any problems with credit card payment, please contact us either using Live Support or email.
Virtual Visa (EntroPay)
EntroPay gives you an easy, safe way to pay online in the form of a Prepaid Virtual Visa Card. There are many benefits, which include:
It's a Visa.
Use wherever Visa is accepted online or by phone
This means you can only spend what you load.  Your card under your control
Manage your account anywhere from a desktop or mobile device
State-of-the-art secure technology platform to safeguard you and your money
Pay without revealing your financial details
Instant funding allows you to spend right away
Load using your debit card, credit card or bank transfer
Instantly convert your money to a different currency
Register now for a Prepaid Virtual Visa and see firsthand why EntroPay is the best way to pay online.
Click here for further information.
EFT/Bank Transfer
EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) or Bank Transfer is available for a number of countries. If your country is supported, you will have a local bank account displayed to which you can make payment.
Bank deposits normally take from 3 to 5 business days to reflect, depending on the bank used to make payment as well as the beneficiary bank (receiving bank).
When the payment is received in our account, an administrator will use the payment reference to identify your payment and accordingly add it to your PlayCredit Account.
Please note: It is essential that you use the payment reference quoted when making a payment in order for us to track your payment. Lost (or incorrectly referenced) payments can take significantly longer to track and apply to your account.
Click here to find out if your country is supported [login required].
NETeller is one of the world's largest e-wallets and is accepted at thousands of online merchants worldwide. NETeller works as follows:
Open a NETeller account > Fund your NETeller account > Pay at thousands of online merchants safely and quickly
Important: When paying on any of our sites with NETeller, please remember to use the payment form on our websites and not to transfer from within your NETeller account (i.e. on the NETeller site). Using your NETeller account works very similar to Paypal or a credit card. Your Neteller account details must be entered on site.
Note: when using NETeller with the PlayCredit Purchase method, a minimum of 10 GBP, 10 EUR and 10 USD applies. When paying directly (at checkout), a minimum of 8 GBP, 10 EUR and 12 USD applies.
The NETeller method can be used both to purchase PlayCredit as well as for immediate payment at Checkout.
NETeller have many fantastic methods for funding your NETeller wallet including credit card, bank transfer, POLi and many others. To find out out more or to open a NETeller account, visit
Skrill (Moneybookers)
Skrill (Formally known as Moneybookers) is an e-Wallet which is taking the world by Storm. Used by thousands to pay for all sorts of things from phone credit to jewellery and now: your favourite lottery tickets from
Similar to most other e-Wallets, you will need to open up a Moneybookers account and then fund the account. You may fund your account using various methods such as credit card, bank transfer, sofortüberweisung & Giropay. It also safely stores your details for ease of use when you return.
In addition, Skrill allows straight through purchasing, which means that if you do not have sufficient funds in your Skrill account, you can use your stored credit card details to instantly pay for your purchase.
Please note, when funding your PlayHugeLottos account with Skrill, you will be taken to an external Skrill page. This is safe and the normal Moneybookers process. As standard practice, always check the URL your browser opens, especially when visiting a new page.
Note: when using the PlayCredit Purchase method, a minimum of 10 GBP, 10 EUR and 10 USD applies.
For more information, please visit
Ukash is a revolutionary payment method which brings hard currency (cash) into the online environment through Ukash voucher purchases. Ukash vouchers can then be used to pay for orders (direct payment at checkout) or to upload funds to your wallet (PlayCredit Purchase). Ukash vouchers can be purchased in many different locations (such as convenience stores, ATMs and online) in many different countries around the world.
When paying with a Ukash voucher, remember to input the voucher number as well as the amount the voucher is valid for (there is no need to enter the currency of the voucher). The order amount will then be debited from the voucher number and a new voucher number will be issued with the remaining balance updated.
If a change voucher is issued, please be sure to save this in a safe place.
To pay using Ukash, please select the Ukash tab in the Deposit Section or enter the voucher details at Checkout.
To find out where to purchase (and spend) Ukash, visit the official Ukash website at is a Bulgarian eWallet, used to make all types of payments in a convenient and cost effective manner (mostly by direct debit from your account).
The wallet allows customers to link their Bulgarian bank account and then have various expenses use the service to fulfill the payment. Please note: Only Bulgarian customers have access to wallets and functionality.
To pay using your wallet, please select the Local Methods tab in the Deposit Section.
WebMoney is a wildly popular eWallet and payment gateway serving Russia and most of the former Russian territories as well as a number of other countries. What makes WebMoney unique is that it makes use of a custom built desktop applet, which is necessary to make a payment.
To pay using WebMoney, please select the Local Methods tab in the Deposit Section.
To find out more about WebMoney and open your own account, visit
Neosurf is a prepaid card service, available in (amongst others) Belgium, France, Italy and Spain. The service is quick and easy to sign up for and thereafter, interaction with our website is a breeze.
Prepaid cards can be purchased at news agents across the supported countries.
To pay using Neosurf, please select the Local Methods tab in the Deposit Section.
For more information on Neosurf, visit
CashU is an eWallet that’s taking the world by storm. Having its roots in the Middle East, CashU support thousands of merchants, from dating websites through to communication services such as Skype.
Opening an account is simple and easy to complete. Funding your CashU account can be achieved by various methods (different in each country), but also by Ukash vouchers - which is great if you wish to shop at various merchants.
To pay using CashU, please select the Local Methods tab in the Deposit Section.
For more information visit
Abaqoos is a Hungarian eWallet offering prepaid, cash and direct debit solutions to payment problems. Now you can pay for your lotto tickets using Abaqoos at your favourite lotto agent,
To pay using Abaqoos, please select the Local Methods tab in the Deposit Section.
For more information visit
eWire is a Danish eWallet additionally supporting Sweden and Norway. Money can be sent and received with your eWire account and payments can be fulfilled with your local Dankort debit or credit card as well as other major credit cards.
To pay using eWire, please select the Local Methods tab in the Deposit Section.
More information on eWire can be found at
Moneta is another Russian eWallet, allowing money transfer, receipt and payment for goods and services over the internet. Known for its security and robust system, is a popular choice for Russian customers.
To pay with, please select the Local Methods tab in the Deposit Section.
For more information, please visit
POLi (standing for Pay On Line) is an Australian payment service and eWallet, supporting a wide array of popular merchants. No credit card? No problem. With POLi you are able to pay using conventional bank transfer. In certain instances POLi also accepts direct debit.
You are also able to fund numerous other wallets using POLi, so be sure to check support with your favourite wallet.
To pay using POLi, please select the Local Methods tab in the Deposit Section.
For more information on POLi, visit
Believed to be the largest South American eWallet and payment solution provider, DineroMail offers function others can not. Where customers might only have their local payment card, these are often times restricted for use only within your country of residence. DineroMail solves this by acting as a Network between these countries and the merchants using the service.
Funding a DineroMail account can be achieved by card and various cash exchange services.
To pay using DineroMail, please select the Local Methods tab in the Deposit Section.
Find out more about the Latin American payment method of choice at
Euteller is a Finnish bank payment aggregator that allows Finnish customers to deposit funds in their PlayCredit account directly using their Finnish bank account. With 8 major Finnish banks supported, it’s no wonder that Euteller is the payment method of choice after credit card for all Fins.
To pay using EUteller, please select the Local Methods tab in the Deposit Section.
Giropay is a bank payment aggregator which facilitates near instant bank transfers between customers and merchants and vice versa. It is similar to iDEAL in the Netherlands.
Use Giropay to transfer funds to your PlayCredit account, simply and quickly. GiroPay can also be used to fund certain eWallets - simply check what your favourite e-Wallet supports.
To pay at using GiroPay, please select the Local Methods tab in the Deposit Section.
For more information on Giropay, visit
Boleto Bancário
Boleto Bancário is a Brazilian innovative payment method that seeks to bridge the cash (physical currency) to online gap. It’s voucher based, but slightly different in that it issues a unique barcode in exchange for cash.
With full Portuguese support, Boleto Bancário and are the perfect combination for our Brazilian customers.
To pay using Boleto Bancário, please select the Local Methods tab in the Deposit Section.
Further informatoin on Boleto Bancário can be found at
The favoured payment method in Poland (after credit card) remains bank transfer. Born out of this demand is a service known as Przelewy24 (Dialcom24). It works in a very similar way to iDEAL and Giropay in that it facilitates bank transfers between customers and merchants.
Already accepted at almost every Polish e-Commerce business, Poles will be familiar with this service and find it perfectly convenient for funding their PlayCredit account. Also note that one can use Przelewy24 to fund eWallets such as Moneybookers.
To pay using Przelewy24, please select the Local Methods tab in the Deposit Section.
Full information on Przelewy24 at the official website
Sofort Überweisen
Translated as “Immediate Transfer”, Sofort Überweisen is another popular transfer aggregator, originating out of Germany. The service is now available in numerous European countries, including Italy and France.
Known for its speed, easy of use and security, Sofort Überweisen certainly is one of the fastest growing payment facilitators available.
To pay using Sofort Überweisen, please select the Local Methods tab in the Deposit Section.
Visit for further information.
Known before as Netpay, EPS (or e-Payment Standard) is an Austrian online payment system similar to other near-instant bank payment methods. Like iDEAL, it is essentially an agreement between all the major Austrian banks. Bank accounts must be authorised to use the EPS system, but after this authorisation, the system works flawlessly to transfer funds to merchants in near-realtime.
InstantBank (GluePay)
Formerly GluePay, InstantBank is exactly what the name implies; an instant bank transfer facilitator.
Plugging in directly with the largest banks in Sweden, Finland, Poland and Estonia, InstantBank is safe, secure and above all, fast.
To pay using InstantBank, please select the Local Methods tab in the Deposit Section.
More information be found at InstantBank’s official site:
Currently active in numerous South American countries including Argentina and Chile, Lobanet (which is an acronym for “Local Bank Network) makes paying for online products and services as easy as a conventional bank transfer.
To pay using Lobanet, please select the Local Methods tab in the Deposit Section.
Further information on Lobanet services can be found at
Qiwi Wallet
The QIWI payment service offers a wide range of payment methods, among which each user can choose the method they personally find most convenient. QIWI Cash appears on the recipient account almost instantly and all transactions are secure.
In summary, the process works as follows:
1. Customer selects products and services on merchant’s website and navigates to checkout page.
2. Customer chooses Qiwi option on merchant payment page and enters their mobile phone number. (Mobile phone number can also be pre-populated by the merchant).
3. Customer is redirected to Qiwi payment page, is presented with the invoice and can choose various Qiwi payment options. 
4. Customer selects “Qiwi Wallet” payment option.
5. Qiwi prompts the customer for their Qiwi account password to authorise the payment.
6. Qiwi debits the customer account in real-time and marks the invoice as paid.
To pay using the Qiwi Wallet, please select the Local Methods tab in the Deposit Section.
Further information on Qiwi can be found at
PayU (Poland)
PayU was created with the goal to integrate existing and create new services for online payments; while providing tools to facilitate commercial activity on the Internet. PayU combines innovative and reliable technology to provide an effective and secure real time bank transfer service designed to connect customers and merchants, through a network of 18 major Polish banks.
The process works as follows (No pre-registration required):
1. Customer selects PayU option on the merchant payment page.
2. Customer is redirected to the PayU landing page and selects their preferred online bank.
3. Customer login to online banking account. 
4. Customer reviews transaction and confirm payment.
5. PayU authorises the payment in real-time within bank opening hours. (if the customer confirms payment outside the bank’s opening hours, the transaction will be placed in a pending state, when the bank re-opens, PayU will receive a successful notification for the transaction).
6. The merchant receives a real-time confirmation of the payment from Envoy.
7. The customer is redirected back to the merchant page where they will receive a confirmation from the merchant that their payment has been successful.
To pay using the PayU, please select the Local Methods tab in the Deposit Section.
Further information on PayU can be found at
HalCash (Spain)
Halcash is a post pay banking service where customers are presented with a unique payment ID and they pay the balance due by quoting the payment ID and making a transfer using supported mobile banking, online banking, in branch or ATM services.
Supporting Banks Outlets:
CaixaGalicia, Cajamar, Banco Popular, Banesto, Bancaja, Bankinter, Cajasol, Caja Laboral Euskadiko, ING Direct, Caixa Penedes.
The process works as follows:
1. Customer selects services on merchant website and proceeds to check out.
2. Customer is presented with payment instructions and a unique payment ID.
3. Customer confirms and notes down the payment ID.
4. Customer either logs onto their mobile or online banking service or visits a supported bank branch or ATM and makes a payment quoting the payment ID provided.
5. Halcash receives confirmation that the payment has been made.
To pay using the HalCash, please select the Local Methods tab in the Deposit Section.
Further information on HalCash can be found at

SID (Instant EFT)
SID is an internet payment service that allows a customer to pay an online merchant directly to a nominated bank account using their online bank account. Payments are instantly debited and the funds are instantly updated to your Online account in the form of Play Credits. Please ensure that your bank account has been activated for online banking.
Supporting Banks Outlets:
ABSA, NedBank, First National Bank (FNB), Standard Bank
The process works as follows:
1. Select SID option on the Deposit Funds page.
2. You will be redirected to Envoy One Click landing page.
3. Select the bank you wish to make the transfer from.
4. Enter your online bank account number and password via the secure SID payment interface to access your bank account.
5. Enters the required payment details and confirm payment.
6. You will then be prompted to confirmation of the details you have entered.
7. The SID authorises the payment in real-time, deducting the specified amount directly from your bank account. If there is insufficient funds in your account, the transaction will be refused.
8. You will be is redirected back to the website on conclusion of your payment.
9. Your account will be credit instantaneously and you can then play your favourite lotteries.
To pay using the SID (Instant EFT), please select the Local Methods tab in the Deposit Section.
Further information on SID (Instant EFT) can be found at
Claiming winnings
Claiming winnings (withdrawing) is as simple as filling out a short form with your banking details so that we can execute an EFT or bank wire. For certain countries, we might not be able to do a conventional EFT (as we might not have a local bank account in that territory)  and thus might revert to an international bank wire or, as a last measure, issue a cheque. You will however be kept informed of such measures by our efficient accounts department.
Please note: to comply with banking regulations, we do not pay any winnings to credit cards.
Payouts to NETeller and Skrill (Moneybookers) accounts can be done simply by selecting the withdrawal option from the "Account Balance" menu.
For larger amounts, we will arrange an independent financial adviser to assist with decisions regarding your payment and financial management.
Identity Verification
Our websites have been built with the strongest security in mind – not only to protect ourselves, but more importantly to protect you, our highly valued customer. We handle a large amount of data every hour of every day and this number continues to grow. For this reason, many of our card security features might temporarily suspend your account, so that it might be inspected manually and then confirmed.
Fraud prevention is thus a large part of our day to day operations. Registration details and transactional details are constantly cross-checked and should our system flag anything it finds to be out of the ordinary, a friendly customer service agent can be contacted to have your account verified.
Please note that verification requests will only come from “” and “” domains (e.g. Also, when replying, the address should not change whatsoever. Please be highly vigilant when transmitting any form of personal identification data. We also insist that none of our customers transmit credit card data in ordinary email due to it's sensitivity.
Should you wish to confirm the identity of any of our agents, simply contact our live support for more information.
In accordance with financial data security acts such as the KYC standards, you may be requested to confirm identity and ownership of a credit card. Convenient methods of complying with these requests will always be provided by our service agents.